Media Team

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  • Samar Haddadin
  • Iman Abu Qaaud
  • Magda Ashoor 
  • aman alsaehh 
  • Raniyah Jabari
  • Raniyah Sarayreh
  • Rana Husseini
  • media unit operating in the Jordanian National Commission for Women's Affairs under the supervision of a coordinated public information and are designed to communicate with the local community and the terms of the focus of media and communication within the National Strategy for Jordanian women through communication with the press and media institutions and media to form a team cooperating with the Committee which was formed from within the press and media institutions official.
  • The unit also information on the daily communication and weekly meetings and monthly with the media to put it in the plans and achievements and challenges for the Commission to serve the issues of society, particularly women's issues.
  • issue a press release the end of each month with all the news published in the media and the preservation in the archives of the press release.
  • arranging for press conferences to launch the programs that are implemented by the Commission.
  • Follow-up and evaluation of public opinion and reactions about what the Commission adopted the initiatives and programs.
  • newsletter issued every six months, most activities and special events and programs.
  • cover all activities of the Committee.
  • monthly meeting of the members of the media team with the Secretary-General and coordinated public information.
  • the provision of press materials for journalists on the occasion of the special committee.
  • preparation and preparation of the news and sent the absence of members of the Working Media