Values and Goals

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Values and Goals
  • Adopting a participatory approach for building consensus between all stakeholders
  • Maintaining professionalism and adopting well-devised methodologies when proposing solutions to challenges facing women
  • Focusing on priorities to address needs that have the highest impact on women’s progress
  • Adopting the principles of good governance and a flexible mechanism that enables JNCW to carry out its tasks effectively.

Strategic Goals

  • Creating an environment that supports the political empowerment of women and their active participation in the public sphere.
  • Creating an environment that values and supports women’s economic participation and ensuring equal economic opportunities.
  • Countering gender-based discrimination and violence and achieving social justice and social empowerment of women.
  • Mainstreaming gender in national legislation, policies, plans, programs and budgets.
  • Institutionalizing the processes of monitoring and evaluation and ensuring compliance with Jordan’s national, regional and international commitments to gender equality.
  • Ensuring JNCW’s sustainability and developing its institutional and administrative capacities.