Princess Basma calls on female parliamentarians to fight for women’s rights

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AMMAN - HRH Princess Basma on Sunday urged female parliamentarians to unite to confront the challenges facing the country and fight for women’s rights.

“We have noticed an increase in violent incidents in our society and against some institutions and it is my personal conviction that you are in the best position to tackle this problem,” Princess Basma said, noting that “violence in our society is a strange phenomenon and does not reflect our true values, beliefs and daily practices”.

The Princess was addressing female MPs, senators and representatives of the women’s movement as well as local and international organisations, during an event to honour women serving in the 16th Parliament.

“We are also concerned about addressing violence against women and we expect you with your experience, to tackle this problem as well,” added Princess Basma, who chairs the Jordanian National Commission for Women (JNCW).

“We have to all work as one team and unite against violence… if we unite then the women’s movement in Jordan will become stronger,” she said.

Stressing that everyone has a responsibility to serve the nation, the Princess said this is “a true honour that each and every one of us should shoulder”.

For their part, the female parliamentarians thanked Princess Basma for her “tireless efforts to advance the status of Jordanian women on all levels and pledged to fight for women’s rights under the Dome of Parliament”.

In addition to the nine female senators appointed to the Upper House, 13 women were elected to the 16th Parliament, 12 through the women’s quota and one through direct competition in Amman’s Third District.

Princess Basma honoured the female MPs and senators at the conclusion of the two-hour event that was organised by the JNCW.