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  Her Majesty Queen Rania meets with trainers, teachers, principals and supervisors at the Queen Rania Teachers Academy on Tuesday 
 Her Majesty Queen Rania on Tuesday met with trainers, teachers, principals and supervisors at the Queen Rania Teachers Academy (QRTA) to discuss the academy’s achievements, the effectiveness of its professional development programmes and future plans for growth.

Launched last year by the Queen in an effort to strengthen teacher quality in Jordan, QRTA’s outreach activities are implemented in cooperation with a range of regional and local educational partners through the support of Columbia University’s Teachers College.

To date, the academy’s programmes for teachers have benefited a total of 750 participants.

This year, QRTA aims to target 1,200 new teachers for the Network Programme, which offers workshops in the areas of science, English writing, maths and leadership.

In addition, 300-600 teachers will be participating in QRTA’s Induction Course, and 200 will attend the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) programme.

The academy will also aim to expand its reach to the south in coordination with the Madrasati initiative, launched by Her Majesty in 2008.

Accompanied by QRTA Director Safwan Masri, Queen Rania listened to teachers as they shared their experiences, insights and the challenges of implementing what they learn at the academy in a classroom setting.

Also yesterday, Her Majesty passed by one of the science workshops organised by the academy, where over 100 teachers were conducting a science experiment.

Queen Rania then stopped by another workshop conducted by the Columbia University Middle East Research Centre (CUMERC), which focused on the problem of family violence.

During the workshop, several participants voiced their opinions on the issue of violence, citing the factors that lead to abuse, and alternative methods adopted to overcome challenges existing in schools.

This specialised Social Work Education for Excellence Programme included 45 participants who have been exposed to cases of domestic violence and have already completed the introductory course “Foundations for Social Work Practice”, offered last year by CUMERC.

The participants included representatives from various institutions and ministries.