Members of the national commission for women

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Members of the national commission for women

The Council of Ministers, in its session held on (2/11/2010), decided to approve the reconstitution of the Jordanian National Committee for Women’s Affairs headed by Her Royal Highness Princess Basma Bint Talal Al-Mazzamah and a membership of (19) persons representing the relevant ministries, councils, national institutions and civil society organizations, and prominent personalities . And as follows:


  1.  Minister of Planning and International Cooperation
  2.  Minister of Public Sector Development
  3.  Minister of Labor
  4.  Minister of Municipal Affairs
  5.  Minister of Social Development
  6.  Minister of Justice
  7. Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs
  8. Her Excellency Mrs. Maha Al-Khatib
  9.  Governmental Coordinator for Human Rights
  10. Executive Director of the Fund
  11.  Secretary General of the Higher Population Council
  12. Chair of the Forum of Jordanian Women Parliamentarians
  13.   King Abdullah II Fund for Development
  14.  President of the General Jordanian Women Union
  15. Secretary of the Jordanian National Women's Committees gathering
  16.  President of the Jordanian Women Union
  17. Founder and Director of Tomorrow's Leaders
  18.  Founder of the New Thought Festival
  19. Secretary General of the Jordanian National Committee for Women Affairs